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Why do I do this

Why do I do this

Some may ask why I do this on some little site without any real traffic on my own corner of the internet.  I need an outlet.  Somewhere I can house my thoughts, opinions, etc.

I got tired of the censorship at various web sites.  Spoiler alert.  It is not just Facistbook, Twitter, YouTube, and Google.

Historically, politics used to be discussed in taverns and coffee houses where people got together to discuss and perhaps influence others about the day's events.  Today's coffee houses and taverns are on the Internet.  Another reason is I can only save so many bookmarks to make a point.  Now I can save it here, make a comment or two and be able to refer back to it when I want to.

I own this server.  I do not pay rent to house my content.  The only person who can delete it is me.  And that is the American way, if you ask me.

There's another reason, but if I told you that, I'd have to kill you . . . .

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