In 2008, I decided to take a trip and see some friends and family in California.  Got a few shots of Venice and downtown Los Angeles, then came up the eastern Sierras.  Stopped at the Alabama Hills where a few early westerns were filmed.  Passed on over to Virginia City, Nevada, and then on home.

2016 Washington D.C. Trip

In February 2016, I flew back to the to other side of the country and took in a few sites.  Hit up Harper's Ferry, Winchester, WV where thers a few civil war stuffs, then the Gettysburg battlefield, and finished up in Washington D.C.  I'll tell you, those folk there are really in a bubble.  They (politicians, etc.) are shuffled by pedestrians as if the pedestrains are not there.  Don't dare get in their way, by the way.  And the stuff on top of the White House is really something, especailly the guy with the binoculars watching me take close ups of him, hehe.

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2012 Road Trip

This is one heck of a trip.  I went through a bit of Southern Utah and spent a night at Alstrom Point on Lake Powell.  Then I went through Pinetop, took a trip around the Fort Apache Rez, hit up the Mogollon Rim above Payson, then did some off-roading in the Bradshaw Mountains south of Prescott.  Stopped at my place (you'all will see the sign) on the way west on I-40 up to US93 to go up the east side of Nevada on my way back to Randle, Washington.

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Elk City, Idaho to Zion, N.P.

This is another trip that started in Randle, WA, rented a little cabin for the night in a little known town in Idaho called Elk City.  The Magruder corridor starts its Idaho portion just past there.  After that went to Arizona but only show two or three pictures of some old haunts I used to seclude to, then I hit Zion National Park on the way home.  Enjoy.

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Webcam Pics

Here are all the webcam pics I've uploaded so far:

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