2014 Road Trip Nevada and Arizona

This trip I thought about a few different things.  Wanted to hit some of Nevada's ghost towns along US 95, then I was meeting someone to go up the back way 4x4 trail to Crown King, AZ.  I went around California and through Burns, OR.  Little did I know what was going to happen less than two years later there.  Then I hit the Mogollon Rim above Payson, then on to the White Mountains.  Passed by the gravesite for an Apache Police officer I knew, Tenny Gatewood.  He was killed over a twelve pack.

I met someone for a day in Tucson and we went to Tombstone.  then back home via Lake Powell.  Had to take the detour around the then washed out US 89 on Navajo Rd 20 near Page, AZ.  The last few pictures are a geocache in Ryolite, NV and a couple of pics from Tombstone, AZ

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2009 Road Trip

First off, my camera couldn't deal with the weather at all.  This trip 'started' after I had to take care of some business in Virginia City, NV.  From there I headed down US 95.  Skirted Area 51, I reckon.  As you see, the I-17(?) bridge over the Hoover dam was still under construction.  After that, I skipped across and 'started' along up north US 191 from I-40.  Hit Canyon de Chelly, then passed Moab, through Utah, Idaho, Oregon, and back to Randle, Washington where I lived at the time.


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2010 The Great Oregon, Idaho, and Montana Backroad/Ghost Town Tour

This was quite the trip.  I made it in June, but still ran into quite a bit of snow.  That's the way it is up north, you really can't get into the woods without snow for only maybe two-three months out of the year.  First I went to Promise Oregon a place that my great-great uncle helped settle after coming over, you guess it, the Oregon Trail.  You'll see the gravestone of John Phillips at the Promise Cemetery.  Then through Troy Oregon crossing into Washington then Idaho.  Through St. Maries down the St. Joe river to Avery where I found a guy who went out and filled his grizzly tag during his lunch break.  Next day up the old Railroad grade/Moon Pass rd to Wallace, Idaho.  Took a tiny side trip to Gem and Burke then back to Wallace on to Montana.  Down to Lolo pass, quick side trip to Big Hole battlefield, then down the pass into Idaho.  The rest was down between Challis and Stanley Idaho.  Lots of snow still in the mountains, so couldn't go everywhere I wanted to go, but it is vast country there and would go again in say July or August if the opportunity presents itself.  Enjoy!

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2011 Central Oregon Trip

This road trip of 2011's destination was some Central Oregon car camping/expedition travel, ghost towning and rock hounding.  Went through Shaniko, wandered my way down to the Fossil Beds, Fort Rock, Christmas Valley, Glass Butte and lots of other unmentioned places in-between.  Stopped in Burns, then went up to John Day, and wandered home.  Saw lots of country and grabbed lots of cool rocks.  The first set is from a Fujifilm almost DSLR, the second from my phone's camera.



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In 2008, I decided to take a trip and see some friends and family in California.  Got a few shots of Venice and downtown Los Angeles, then came up the eastern Sierras.  Stopped at the Alabama Hills where a few early westerns were filmed.  Passed on over to Virginia City, Nevada, and then on home.