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Abortion Restriction Law Upheld

Abortion Restriction Law Upheld

Abortion.  Always a hot button topic.  However you feel about it, the Federal government has no place in it.  I must admit, I am personally trying to wrap my head around the semantics used to make it a Constitutional issue.

So, I'll not go there now.  I will go to an easy one to figure.  The tenth amendment comes to mind.  What I do not find odd is the semantics the reporters use in the headline and text.  It is not a ban on abortion, just a restriction to less than six weeks.  Of course, they have to point out the it was an all-male court, implying that men have no business in the issue.

The last thing I'm going to say is the blatant hypocrisy.  "My body, My choice" is applicable to a choice that has a one hundred percent mortality rate.  The woman chooses to go in pregnant, with a living child inside her, and come out alone, the child being killed.  But, when the choice involves mandatory mask wearing for a disease that even after three and one half years has now just over a one third of one percent mortality rate (.35%), suddenly it is not your body, but everyone else around you that has a say about your body.  "How dare you put others at risk?"  Hang Fauci.

  • South Carolina's all-male Supreme Court has reversed its previous decision and upheld a strict ban on most abortions after approximately six weeks of pregnancy.
  • This ruling marks a shift in the court's stance on abortion, as they previously struck down a similar law earlier this year.
  • The new majority on the court, comprised entirely of men, argued that the state legislature's interest in protecting the rights of the unborn child outweighed a woman's right to privacy and bodily autonomy.

South Carolina Supreme Court rules six-week abortion ban is constitutional

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