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About American Racism

About American Racism

 Here is another comment thread I 'harvested' from a discussion forum.  The topic was obviously, Immigration:

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"And it's not just in the US. As a minority hispanic, married to someone from China, I really don't understand.

For example, when I worked in construction for a bit, most of the guys who were originally from Mexico spoke freely about anything they wanted (in Spanish), oftentimes racially charged or sexually derogative, very loudly. Subject matter that would get any English-speaking Whitey fired.

Going even further, when I lived in China, it was very normal to discriminate against other races, especially blacks. It's not even devious, it's a cultural norm. Check out what they just did to their Dune movie poster. People here would be shocked if they heard some of the public conversations that my wife translated for me.

When I taught Spanish in Korea, they didn't allow my black friend into a few shops. Nothing could be done about it.

We already know that it's socially acceptable for various middle easterners to publicly disparage (even physically assault) those of other races, religions, sexes, and sexual orientation.

And yet, it is whites, the least of these offenders, that are kept most tightly in line. Even worse, they are the ones disciplined more harshly for doing much less harm than most other cultures and countries of the world.

Many cultures owned slaves, but only whites have to be guilty for it?

Many countries took over other cultures via colonialism, but only whites should feel bad? (Chinese are still trying to take over territories)

Many cultures are proud of their homogeneity, but only white cultures need forced 'diversity' via forced immigration and integration?

You don't hear of "Han Chinese Supremacy" in China or "Muslim Supremacy" in the middle east, where they ACTUALLY DO act like supremacist's... why? Because if you used that language there you'll be shut up real quick.

It's not even like whites are a majority, so you can't argue from the point of power-benevolence, because globally, they are not the most numerous.

Honestly, I'm glad I'm not white (for many of the afore mentioned reasons), but it's still really strange to me."

The Reply:

"In my earlier post, I quoted Dr. Thomas Sowell. He correctly points out that U.S. leftists point strictly at western European and European-offshoot countries for evils done to other races.

The irony is that these leftists, whether white or nonwhite (and there are plenty of nonwhites who don’t believe in this woke bullcrap and have tons of common sense), would not survive too long if they were forced to live in some of the traditional societies out there which even in the year 2021 would laugh out loud if things like “women’s rights,” “freedom of speech,” “freedom of religion,” “equality before the law,” and other such WESTERN concepts were mentioned. I mean, it’s not as if the Taliban painted over BLM murals or beheaded female volleyball players or beat up and whipped people.

Oh, my error – they did do all these things after Biden spearheaded an embarrassment for the ages with that pathetic withdrawal from that country.

But I digress.

White people are “singled out” because it’s in vogue nowadays to bash only white people. In recent years, people could go on TV and talk about “privileged white men” and no one would bash an eyelash. But try, anyone, talking about racist black men or entitled black women or sexist Jewish men or bigoted Asian men on one’s social media feed and see how long before you were doxxed and your place of employment terminated you.

Leftists who are in the know will deny it, but all the leftist nonsense we see today – critical race theory, “intersectionality,” all this harping about “oppressed” and “marginalized” and “white supremacy” and “patriarchy” and the takedown of piece of stone because the people the likenesses of whom they resemble are “racist...”

It’s all trash, it’s all cultural Marxism, it’s all the regurgitation of Marx’s thought, but only this time, instead of bourgeois vs. proletariat, it’s repackaged in “oppressor” vs. “oppressed.” It’s communism, but in a different outfit. It’s the Frankfurt School, and thousands of bureaucrats, teachers, and professors believe in it to varying extents.

Now, to get specific about your observations."

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"And yet, it is whites, the least of these offenders, that are kept most tightly in line. Even worse, they are the ones disciplined more harshly for doing much less harm than most other cultures and countries of the world."

And more reply:

"Leftists in the U.S. are a study in delightful ironies. One of them is that many of the look down on conservatives on grounds the latter are boorish, uneducated, non-cosmopolitan, and ignorant, but plenty of leftists know little (from direct experience) about the world beyond America’s borders and/or speak nothing but English. Any leftist who were to spend considerable time in a traditional society where people are not white would come back kneeling and thanking God or the universe or whatever the leftists believes in as the originator of humanity that the said leftist was born and raised in and lives in the United States.

The U.S. and countries like it – western European countries or their offshoots – are not the norm. Most countries have varying levels of corruption, inequality, laws that aren’t enforced, and violent that would shock the average American. The presence of a rule of law standard here alone is something that many societies never reached without the adoption, whether by imposition or by deliberate absorption, of western legal standards.

Because these leftists are here and they focus on U.S. history, they focus on the sins committed by Americans of yesteryear, and it’s beyond doubt that nonwhites (blacks and native Americans for example) were often on the receiving end. But what society has gone as far as the U.S. to compensate for those evils?"

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"Many cultures owned slaves, but only whites have to be guilty for it?"


"Slavery was practiced in every continent for millennia. The issue within the context of U.S. history is that slavery and race are inseparably intertwined, but again, this is true within a U.S. context. Before the first time a western European ever came in face-to-face proximity with a black African, people in both Europe and in Asia had habitually enslaved each other for thousands of years.

Slavery became “interracial” only when technology enabled different people groups to travel far enough to come into contact.

In the centuries before AD, white Europeans battled, conquered, kidnapped, maimed, and raped fellow white Europeans. This is how Rome became an empire, and this is how the Visigoths took down Rome. Scandinavians raided the eastern coast of England. It is believed to this day that certain parts of the eastern English coast have notably beautiful blue-eyed, blonde-haired women because of a genetic mixture between natives of modern England and Scandinavian warriors who landed there for less than charitable purposes.

When the Mongol Empire had reached its zenith, Mongol warriors had by then slaughtered Koreans and Chinese by the thousands. Women from both were seized as trophies. Chinese dynasties invaded Korea and did the same. The Japanese were invaded by the Mongols themselves in the 13th Century, but the Japanese were able to fight them off. Vietnam and China in centuries past battled each other and the losers weren’t treated mercifully.

Black African tribes were notoriously brutal, at times hellishly and unbelievably brutal to those they captured. There are books written by European explorers which detail in shocking detail the violence, sadism, brutality, and gore they saw in their voyages to Africa. Those Europeans did not do anything in terms of making African chieftains or warriors perpetrate cruelties to other Africans – they did this of their own volition.

Regarding the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade: I have no questions and no doubts and no reservations about it; it was evil, inhumane, unjust, and cruel.

But did white Europeans reach African beaches, enter the land and forcefully capture innocent, unsuspecting Africans?


White Europeans, at least at first, when they began to purchase African slaves, rarely ventured beyond the coasts. The weather, diseases, and other circumstances prevented them from going in too far. They dealt with powerful leaders; agreements were reached. The Europeans paid; the chieftains delivered what was paid for: human beings.

Furthermore, there was another slave trade which caused incalculable damage to the lives of Africans. But this particular one went east.

The Muslim/Arab slave trade took Africans – by FOOT – to what is now known as the Middle East. Many died on the way. Those who didn’t were castrated, to be made into court eunuchs.

Now compare both.

In the U.S., there is a history of slaves/blacks fighting back, along with some whites helping them. The Underground Railroad. Abolitionists. Freedmen. Blacks gradually gaining pivotal right such as gun ownership, which enabled them to defend themselves against KKK terrorism. And to this day, there is a plethora of accounts from both slavery and the days afterwards.

Where is the equivalent history in the Middle East? Where are the Arabs or Muslims who opposed the slavery of Africans, who by conscience tried to shelter them or to at least help them escape to safety? Where are the chronicles and journals of slaves who survived?

The reason this history is at least available here is the very western European/culture that leftists hate as racist. Product of Christendom, western civilization, which does have an expression in the U.S. via the Constitution and American customs, people had consciences which troubled them as they dealt with human beings being held as slaves. Where was that tradition of morality in the Middle East, in the Muslim world?

In fact, one of the statues leftists in their abject historical illiteracy have aimed at destroying are those of General Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson, who served the Confederacy. But Jackson was known among his peers for being a diehard Christian who spent hours in prayer and who struggled privately with the issue of slavery as he believed that holding human beings as slaves was an affront to God.

Where is the Arab/Muslim Stonewall Jackson? Where is he from that time who because of the cultural or religious influence from his place in time and the country and culture within which he was born and raised struggled against the enslavement and castration of African men?"

Originally from:

"Many countries took over other cultures via colonialism, but only whites should feel bad? (Chinese are still trying to take over territories)"


"This ties back to cultural Marxism and to critical race theory.

According to these egregious ideas, in the U.S., only white people can be racist. This is because these schools of “thought” redefine words to suit their agendas and platforms.

One such word is racism. Historically, racism meant, simply, bigotry against a person of another ethnicity. But the left in 2021 now defines racism as prejudice accompanied by power. And because the historical majority in America was white people who held seats of power, whites only had power, and thus, whites and whites alone can be guilty of racism.

This is pure and unadulterated comedy. The real-world effects are not, however.

Imagine if the black man in this video was white. Watch the whole thing, and pay attention to a sentence he says, which starts with: "black people can't be."

You should do a search online for “South Africa farm murders.” Turn off the safety filters and seek the most horrifying images. You will see, then, what a racial majority is doing to a racial minority. Blacks, the majority in South Africa, are overseeing thousands of murders of white Boer farmers. They aren’t just shot: they are raped, beheaded, tortured, nailed to walls, boiled alive, and so forth – adults, senior citizens, children, babies.

But remember: the left says only whites can be racist.

Lastly, ask a leftist why he/she doesn’t demand Japan pay reparations to Asian countries. Ask them what Imperial Japan did to Chinese and Koreans."

Originally from:

"Many cultures are proud of their homogeneity, but only white cultures need forced 'diversity' via forced immigration and integration?"


"These leftists who claim to oppose racism would have meltdowns if they saw the ways racism is openly practiced and widely tolerated in nonwhite countries such as those you mentioned. It is primarily in countries like the U.S. where there is both legal warnings against and stiff penalties, whether social, monetary, or judicial, against those who engage in this. Try telling a South Korean, an Iranian, an Israeli, a Japanese, etc., in his language in Seoul, Tehran, Jerusalem, or Tokyo that he is racist. He’ll shrug at best, laugh at worst, and you’ll get an idea of what the nonwestern world is like."

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