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Has it Started?

Has it Started?

Not long ago I had an article or two about the Biden Administration using the FBI and Justice Department against parents who speak up against what is being taught in our schools.

 Here we have some articles about FBI raids conducted in Colorado.  Reading these makes one just have to go hmmm.  Because on the one hand, these women, one who was/is the Mesa County clerk, Tina Peters, are doing good and on the other hand doing wrong.  Let's start with Sherronna Bishop.  She was interviewed on Lindell TV recently and the article declares that it was all over the fact that she is/was "a frequent attendee at her local school board meetings".  Ms. Bishop has also been vocal about election integrity and runs a website called which helps educate parents about the school system; she home schools her own.

Let's move on to Tina Peters.  There we read that, "After hundreds of citizens brought her their experiences of significant election irregularities, she became deeply concerned about the security of the last election."  Tina Peters' house was one of those raided by the FBI recently.  Interestingly enough, the official reason for the raid on her home (and some others) is investigating her/them for election security breaches according to who?  The Colorado Public Radio, that's who.  The local NBC affiliate, KKCO 11, also has the story and includes a statement from Colorado Attorney General Phil Weiser which pretty much denies the violent nature of the raids as described by those who were raided.  A snippet, "At no time was force used on Ms. Peters or her home."

So, did they use a battering ram to enter her or others' homes or not?  Do you consider using a battering ram to break down your door "force"?  Do you see the pattern here?  Didn't they say that Randy Weaver was some sort of white supremacist?  David Koresh a child abuser.  Cliven Bundy a racist.  Ammon Bundy et. al. up to and including many of you; domestic terrorists.

As for the title to this article, yes sure.  Click bait.  Because let's be honest, Presidents have been 'weaponizing' their executive agencies and powers for over a hundred years.

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