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Allegations of Katie Hobbs Taking Cartel Money

Allegations of Katie Hobbs Taking Cartel Money

Our selected Governor, Katie Hobbs, is up against allegations of working with the Sinaloa Cartel to launder money and help fix elections.  I'll admit, I have no love at all for our adolescent wanna be Governor.

Remember how she laughed and squirmed like a thirteen year old during her swearing in?  Here are two articles about her and others' alledged ties to the Sinaloa Cartel in Mexico.  Below that is another little article about the 2020 selection in Maricopa County.

Ariz. Gov. Katie Hobbs Laundered Mexican Cartel Money to Rig Elections

Expert Witness Testifies Katie Hobbs Working With Mexican Cartel To Launder Money, Rig Elections, Open Border

Footage of ballots being rejected in Maricopa County:

VIDEO: Cheating Maricopa County Election Day Footage Reveals Shocking Ballot Rejections!

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