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Allow Media in Trump Trial

Allow Media in Trump Trial

As the politically motivated trials of former President Trump continue to unfold, Donald Trump has sided with the media to request that his federal trial be televised.  I mean, may as well expose the bullshit some more.

Not that it does any good.  The two sham impeachment trials were televised and it was obvious that the Democrats didn't have a case, but voted to impeach anyways.  Twice.
  • Former President Donald Trump's legal team has requested that his election subversion trial in Washington, DC, be televised, despite court rules and the opposition of the Justice Department, who argue that the judge does not have the authority to allow cameras.
  • Trump's lawyers argue that broadcasting the trial would allow the American public to see that the case is an unconstitutional charade, while media outlets argue that there is significant public interest in televising the trial to help undermine conspiracy theories surrounding the case.
  • The trial, scheduled to begin on March 4, has emerged as a potent legal threat to Trump's political fortunes, and he is currently facing four criminal proceedings in total.

Trump backs push to allow cameras in courtroom for federal election subversion trial

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