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Ammon Bundy in the News

Ammon Bundy in the News

Ammon Bundy.  Either you know who he is or you don't.  Those of us who know who he is, have many very varied opinions of the man.  He is the son of Cliven Bundy, who again, either you know who he is or you don't.

 Briefly, if you didn't bother with those links, Cliven Bundy and his son Ammon Bundy were the center of some attention in 2014 when heavily armed BLM officers came and impounded some of Cliven Bundy's cattle.  Suddenly, folks from all over the country showed up in support of the Bundy's, especially after the widely spread video of Ammon getting tased for really no reason by said armed Federal agents.  It really turned into a shitshow for the Feds and they had to back down. A couple of years later Ammon and some friends decided to support the Hammonds who live near Burns, Oregon.  The Hammonds had been convicted by a Federal Judge and served time and had been released for a Federal offense, but suddenly, that wasn't enough.  The Ninth Circuit court decided that since the original Judge did not enforce the minimum sentencing guidelines for the statue they were convicted of, Dwight Hammond and his son had to go back to Federal Prison for about three or four times longer than they had already served.
The story goes on, Ammon and friends performed an adverse possession of the Malheur National Refuge, as the whole 'Hammond' thing  was really a pissing contest between the person in charge of the refuge and Dwight Hammond the whole time.  The Lord of the Refuge had been trying to grow his fiefdom it by intimidation and other means in his vast Federal arsenal.  It ended with the murder of Lavoy Finnicum on a lonely stretch of US 395.
Now, it looks like he has defaulted on a lawsuit, but there has been an arrest warrant issued for him?  This is the first time I have ever heard of a "civil arrest warrant".  More from that link:
" Unlike felony warrants that are issued on behalf of the state, civil warrants are usually issued on behalf of an individual who submits a civil summons. Even though these warrants are served to defendants, they are usually not arrest warrants, and are brought by one party against another in matters of monetary judgment. "
So, basically St. Lukes hospital is trying to poke the bear.  More of the story follows:
"EMMETT, Idaho (AP) — A far-right activist best known for his showdowns with federal and state law enforcement officials in Oregon and Nevada is waging a one-sided standoff of a different kind after refusing to comply with court orders in an Idaho defamation lawsuit.

The lawsuit by St. Luke’s Regional Health was filed more than a year ago, accusing Ammon Bundy and his close associate Diego Rodriguez of making defamatory statements against the hospital and its employees after Rodriguez’s infant grandson was temporarily removed from his family and taken to St. Luke’s amid concerns for his health."

Far-right activist Ammon Bundy’s latest standoff is in court

"BOISE — After Ammon Bundy repeatedly failed to appear in court, a judge entered a default order against the far-right activist in a lawsuit filed by St. Luke’s Health System — which essentially could mean that Bundy has forfeited the case.

"The order came after a week of tension in the case. An Ada County judge issued a civil arrest warrant for Bundy, and the Idaho Supreme Court was asked to step in to compel the Gem County Sheriff’s Office to serve legal papers to Bundy. The sheriff’s office had said it was going to refuse, indicating that doing so could endanger deputies and noting that Bundy was “becoming more and more aggressive” toward civil process servers."

Ammon Bundy defaults on hospital’s lawsuit, claims he is ‘surrounded by law enforcement’

"A far-right figure with a deep distrust of the federal government and a high degree of moral and religious certainty feels he’s being wrongly persecuted by the state and refuses to participate in court proceedings against him.

"Ammon Bundy shouting at police officers, “Stay the hell off my property,” has eerie echoes of Randy Weaver’s response to a U.S. marshal during the Ruby Ridge standoff in 1991: “Stay off my mountain.”

"The cases are different. Weaver was charged with violating federal gun laws and faced criminal charges. Bundy, no stranger to criminal charges, is embroiled in a civil matter this time, being sued by St. Luke’s for defamation.

"In the Ruby Ridge case, federal authorities, including the FBI and the U.S. Marshals Service, were after Weaver. In Bundy’s case, only the Gem County Sheriff’s Office has been involved in trying to serve papers to Bundy because he has refused to respond to the lawsuit."

The last thing Idaho needs is for the Ammon Bundy standoff to turn into Ruby Ridge | Opinion

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