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Appeals Court Denies Challenge to NJ Gun Liability Law

Appeals Court Denies Challenge to NJ Gun Liability Law

As we have seen, the endless pursuit to disarm us (Oh but we're not going after your guns) includes allowing District Attorneys to file liability lawsuits against firearms manufacturers.

Let's see, I think I'll sue the maker of that hammer that kept hitting my thumb.  Maybe lets sue auto manufacturer's for every time a multi car pileup on a frozen interstate happens.  Let's let people sue a class of folks who did nothing today for something people did hundreds of years ago.  Hell, while we're talking reparations and liability, I think Italy owes Israel a shitload of money for the destruction of the Temple of Jerusalem in 70- A.D.!

  • Attorney Thomas DeVore plans to proceed with his case to strike down Illinois' gun and magazine ban, despite the Illinois Supreme Court upholding the law in one challenge and a lower court dismissing another, as he believes the Supreme Court ruling did not declare the law constitutionally valid.
  • DeVore aims to gather evidence to prove that the law violates equal protections by excluding certain individuals in law enforcement and security industries from having to comply with it. He will file a motion to reconsider in the Effingham County Circuit Court before appealing the case.

Appeals court dismisses challenge to NJ gun liability law

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