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Arizona Senator Kyrsten Sinema Jumps Ship

Arizona Senator Kyrsten Sinema Jumps Ship

Senator Kyrsten Sinema left the Democratic Party last Friday and is claiming as Independent status.  This will certainly shake things up in D.C. for the next Congress.

In typical Democratic style, anyone who leaves or even deviates a tiny bit from the One Party rule and rhetoric, the Democratic Party has turned on her.  Personally, as an Arizona resident, I have watched her voting and contrary to the re-selected Mark Kelly (thanks to the Secretary of State/Governor Katie Hobbs), she actually has performed independently of the Democratic Party line once or twice.  Again, to the greatly vocal chagrin of the Party.

This seems to be an increasing thing for the Party.  They used to love Donald Trump.  They used to love Elon Musk.  I wonder who's next?  Here's a couple articles on it:

Sinema leaving Democratic Party: 'Still great at being the f---ing worst'

What Kyrsten Sinema's departure from Democratic Party means for pivotal Arizona Senate seat

As mentioned in the second article, this is going to be interesting when her seat comes up in 2024 as Arizona is terrible for allowing Independents a place on our ballots.

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