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Mr. Fauci and His Trolls

Mr. Fauci and His Trolls

Mr. Fauci has retired, finally.  I have said many times that he does not deserve to be called a doctor, so I do not.  If you are not aware of his many many many misdeeds and lies, here's a start.

With that in mind, I have to wonder why the heck he is complaining about people not liking him.  It is obvious he is a bald faced liar extreme, and he helped push this whole country over the edge away from our Republic during 2020.  His efforts led to massive changes in voting procedure, all without much congressional oversight, just administrative last minute changes.  And then we get called Election deniers.  Anyways, now he is bitching about people not liking him:

Fauci: 'Low-life trolls harass my wife and kids'

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