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Ben Shapiro is an Idiot

Ben here is talking about George Orwell's 1984 and trying to convince me/us where he got it wrong.  Really?  What a tool.  He makes some claims about the influence of Stalin and the way the U.S.S.R.

was run.  Guess he is dodging the bigger point, a point he is a part of.  Orwell's 1984 had us all staring at screens for our information.  What the hell do we do now?  Almost everyone has a smartphone.  Has anyone paid attention to those who cannot stop staring at them?  They're all over, not hardly paying attention to anything around them; you know, that guy in the middle of the isle texting?  Or those folks who walk with their face down in it.

Nope, we all living 1984, albeit a couple years later than predicted.  I mean come on man.  Didn't 2020 wake anyone up?








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