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Texas Sending Illegals to DC, NY.

Texas Sending Illegals to DC, NY.

Looks like Texas wins again.  Seems the Governor has been spending a few millions himself to help ease the border crisis.  No, he's not putting them up in 'vacant' five star hotels in Scottsdale like Biden.

He's just putting them on busses and sending them to where Biden can help them easier.  Washingtoin D.C. and New York City.  I think he should send some over to California as well.  Now of course, the Democrats will lambast him calling this $12 million a waste of money.  All the while turning their heads away from $86.9 million the Biden Administration has spent in Scottsdale, AZ alone.

Folks, when are we going to stop this? 

Texas spends more than $12 million to bus migrants to DC, New York

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