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Biden-omics Explained

Biden-omics Explained

I heard that inflation was suddenly down to a level not seen since 2021 or something.  In other words, I have seen several news articles and opinions that attempt to either deny all out any inflation, or blame it on Trump.

Instead of being in denial, here's some thing that may explain how we did get here.  I mean, I worked in the building supply industry as a purchasing manager from 2017-2022.  What I saw after Biden was sworn in was something I have never seen in the industry in 20+ years.  And everything else caught up, gas, food, etc. and even wages.  Fast foods were hanging signs advertising $14/hr to start.

"In late 2020, the policy makers of the Biden administration and its partisan supporters started crafting a new COVID stimulus package. What they wrought set off a chain of events that ultimately led to the cost of living and banking system crisis we face today."

How Bidenflation Was Made

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