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Border Patrol Not Going to Fight Texas

Border Patrol Not Going to Fight Texas

Poor, poor Democrats.  In an odd twist, the Democrats' stomping their petty little feet in tantrums to force their will on all others, failed this time.  It doesn't matter if President Biden illegally takes over the Texas NG.

I mean face it, this is how our country has dramatically changed over the last three years, though the change started with Obama and earlier.  The Democrats have stomped their petty little feet and thrown temper tantrums all across the country to get their way, including weaponizing the Department of Justice for political gain.

"Is there going to be a major confrontation on the border following Joe Biden's ultimatum that Texas National Guard forces be removed from Shelby Park and other "disputed" areas? Not if the rank-and-file of the U.S. Customs and Border Patrol have anything to say about it.

"According to a new post put out by the Border Patrol Union, and a new report from Griff Jenkins of Fox News, Biden has lost operational control of the situation, at least in a practical sense."

HUGE: Border Patrol Turns on Joe Biden, Proclaims Support for Texas National Guard

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