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Illegals Able To Vote in Arizona

Illegals Able To Vote in Arizona

If you thought that all these illegals are 'military aged males' and were worried about this invasion going to a firefight, think again.  Sure they may be 'military aged', but what y'all are missing is that they are voting age.

And our criminal Governor Katie Hobbs during her (s)election made sure that the top five offices, including Secretary of State, went to Democrats.  Now the current (s)elected Secretary of State, a Democrat who also promotes violence, lays out the qualifications for voters in the upcoming (s)elections and they go full in the face against the law by allowing illegal immigrants to vote in any of our elections.  Elon Musk pointed this out.

"Arizona’s Democratic secretary of state has paved the way for illegal immigrants to vote in the state’s upcoming election, according to numerous reports.

"According to an analysis from Hayden Ludwig, the director of policy research for Restoration of America, the language in the new election procedures manual paves the way for illegal immigrants to vote in the March 2024 primary.

“True, federal law prohibits non-citizens from voting in federal elections … “Federal-only” voters, however—individuals registered using the federal voter registration form, which is different from the state forms most of us are familiar with—are “eligible to vote solely in races for federal office in Arizona (including the Presidential Preference Election),” he said in an article for The American Conservative."

Illegal Immigrants Allowed to Vote in Upcoming Arizona Election

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