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California Reparations

California Reparations

And over in California, Governor Newsom's Reparations Task Force has determined that some Black residents of California could be owed over $200k each because of discriminatory housing practices.

I think Reparations in and of themselves are racist in nature.  Why do we need to pay for something that none of us alive today were responsible for?  The task force is looking at data from 1933-1977 related to African-Americans who were here since the 19th century or 1800's.  What?  What about all the discrimination against the Polish?  The Irish?  The Chinese?  Where does it stop?  It makes no sense, but, this is out of California.

California task force suggests paying $223,000 in reparations to Black residents

I am not a racist.  The only race we are is the Human Race.  The differences between us are just like the differences between other species; not all horses are the same color, neither are any other animals.  Grizzly's, black, brown, polar, white; all just different colors of bears.  It is a damn shame that once upon a time people actually believed (and maybe a few still do) that skin color makes you of a whole different person, better or worse than other humans.  Bullshit.  It is a bigger damn shame that we have people who try to make money from keeping us in the dark ages regarding race relations.

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