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Using Cars as Weapons - Blatant Media Hypocrisy

Using Cars as Weapons - Blatant Media Hypocrisy

In 2017, James Alex Fields Jr. drove his car into a crowd of folks at a protest, killing one.  Immediately, he was accused of being a white supremacist among other things.  Darrell Brooks drove his SUV

into a Christmas Parade killing six right away.  He doesn't even rate anything on any Wiki at this time.  We have a few articles about who he is, and here is one.  James Fields was instantly vilified, while Darrell Brooks has not been, not in the mainstream media like CNN and MSNBC.  James Fields is a Neo Nazi White Nationalist Terrorist, while Darrell Brooks is a suspect.

James Fields has light skin color, and apparently was known as his school 'Nazi', joined the military but didn't pass basic.  No other real history, especially criminal history.  CNN, MSNBC, the WaPo, NYT, et. al. jumped all over his case like, well, white on rice.  Hell even President Trump got hung up on the whole thing when CNN (repeatedly) called him a racist because of their editing of his speech about it.  I mean, edit the man's speech to create your narrative.  And totally ignore that fact.  Over and over again.

Darrell Brooks has dark skin color.  He has an extensive criminal history that goes back to when he was only seventeen years old (younger than Fields was when he murdered).  He is a multiple felon.  He was released on a $1,000 bond with felony warrants pending for running somone else over.  His Facebook and YouTube accounts, now scrubbed, showed him hating white people and wishing violence on them.  He is a member of BLM.  But nobody in the mainstream has nor ever will, I bet, refer to him as a domestic terrorist.

Both belong to the human race.

I love the Constitution and the First Amendment should never be altered or watered down, as it already has been with 'hate speech' crimes and recently 'dangerous misinformation'.  But the media needs to be held accountable somehow, perhaps in civil courts (as they hae already been), with less protection and/or allowances for 'retractions'.  Or better, let's just tar and feather those with an obvious agenda and let it sort themselves out.  I miss Walter Cronkite.

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