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UN money for illegals

Did you know there was a camp in Mexico where the U.N. is handing out debit cards worth about $800 per month to folks camped out waiting to enter the United States?

When first I came across this info, it was in an article from the Gateway Pundit.  They usually link their own articles as references, but this time they did not, so here you go.  A few quick things of note.  It seems as though some illegals are getting sent back due to something called Title 41(?), long story short, because of controlyavirus concerns.  After all.  Another thing is that this camp has ben there for about three as part of Trump's 'slow the damn roll' plan.  They have teams of immigration lawyers and they do get folks across maybe three-eight at a time.


Inside a Most Unusual Mexican Migrant Camp Local officials, US Activists, the UN – and DHS – entice thousands by offering cash, food, and legal prep

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