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Climate Insanity

Climate Insanity

As we all know, the whole planet is becoming obsessed with 'climate change'.  Used to be "Global Warming".  And before that it was going to be an ice age in the 1970's.  But its science, right?  Always right, never wrong.

But make no mistake.  Science is nothing more than trial and error to find out how this rock works in all its intricacies.  And we have a long, long, long, long, long ways to go no matter what they say to the contrary.  We've been seeding clouds for a long time, anyone wonder if that could be the cause of "Climate Change"?

But it doesn't stop there.  They have come up with a plethora of ways to screw with our environment and all in the crusade against Climate Change!  And even scientists are worried about that.

"Surprise: It’d actually be much cheaper to artificially change the world’s climate than you probably think. So cheap, in fact, that one scientist believes that some countries might soon geoengineer the planet in response to climate change. 

"In fact, geoengineering could result in worsening weather conditions in certain parts of the world, according to Wired. It could also cause a global reliance on geoengineering — which means if we’re ever unable to spray sulfates into the atmosphere, we could see mass extinction events and crops die out."

Climate Scientist Warns That Countries Are Going to Start Geoengineering the Earth

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