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UNRWA: A Terrorist Organization

UNRWA: A Terrorist Organization

Did you know that the United Nations has two agencies related to refugees worldwide?  The UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency and the UNRWA, The UN Relief Works Agency.  Did you know the latter is only for Palestinians?

Yes, that's right.  Here's another fun fact.  The Palestinian 'refugee' population defies all odds as it is the only 'refugee' population is world history that grows.  That's right.  It grows.  Not because more are expelled.  Nope.  It is because they include the descendants to the list of refugees.  And human nature dictates that populations grow.  So a 'refugee' population that started at under one million is now hitting the 5.6 million mark.  And not all of them even live in refugee camps.

But wait.  There's moar!  It is fact that the UNRWA promotes Palestinian violence against Israel.  In their schools they teach the same hate towards Jews and Israel as taught in the West Bank.  They put up posters of murderous terrorists, er I mean martyrs in the classroom to make sure there is always a crop of dumb young people to put out in harms way one way or another.  It has long been thought that the UNRWA helps hide top level Hamas commanders, rocker launchers, and other war making matériel in UNRWA hospitals in the Gaza strip.

Now it is confirmed.  The UNRWA helped Hamas invade, murder, and kidnap Israeli citizens on October 7, 2023.  I think we need to put the pressure on our country to just go ahead and declare the UNRWA as a terrorist organization.

"New evidence of the cooperation between UNRWA and the Islamist terror organization Hamas came to light after the IDF discovered a tunnel shaft near a UNRWA school during its operations in the Gaza Strip, the Israeli military announced on Saturday.

The tunnel shaft, near the school, led to an underground shelter that served as a valuable asset for Hamas's military intelligence wing, according to the IDF. The route connected to the tunnel also led to a path beneath UNRWA's central headquarters in the Gaza Strip."

IDF finds Hamas command tunnel under UNRWA Gaza HQ

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