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Climate Protest in Spain

Climate Protest in Spain

OK.  I guess you can't fix stupid.  Maybe I'm just getting too old and cynical.  I mean, I should understand this shit as it is an outgrowth of the sixties which in some ways I was sorry I was too young to be that cool.

Since then, I've grown up.  The protests that folks have these days just seem to have lost that, er, focus.  I have to ask the obvious here.  What the heck does a guy named Goya who died in 1828 have to do with climate change.  What the heck do a couple of his paintings have to do with climate change?  And I'm just going to go out on a limb here, but I'm thinking that their glue added more carbon back into the air than Goya's paintings have in about two hundred years.

Activists glue themselves to Goya paintings in Spanish climate protest

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