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More Election News From Arizona

More Election News From Arizona

So it heats up in Arizona.  In my previous story, it referred an article about people watching drop off boxes.  So intimitated by this, opponents claimed justthat, intimidation saying that they were armed.

Armed with cameras as seen and alledged to be armed with, ooh nooo, firearms.  Imagine that.  In Arizona, the state that has an official state firearm. Katie Hobbs, the Democratic candidate for Governor, has ran fear ads about folks carrying firearms near her home.  Odly, I cannot find any article that has pictures of folks armed with firearms near any drop boxes.  But those cameras.  OK for Antifa and Burn Lot Murder to get in law enforcement officers' faces with a barrage of cameras, antifa and BLM's main 'weapon' is those cell phone cameras.  Antifa and BLM are/were the street troops of the Democratic party.  But now, cameras are bad.

Seems as though the Democratrs got a judge to ban cameras near pollinbg places.  ON another note, my mail ballot that I dropped off in person two weeks ago, is still not in the system.  Way to go Katie!

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