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DeSantis Immigration Plan

DeSantis Immigration Plan

Now that Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has declared for President, he reveals his plans for the southern border,  It seems to pretty much match former President Trumps'.  Let's see if this wins him a 'racist' label.

Otherwise, it really was/is/always about Trump.

  • "Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has proposed a crackdown on illegal immigration in his first major policy rollout for his 2024 presidential campaign, including sending the military to the border and mass detention and deportation of undocumented people. He would also end birthright citizenship and build a wall at the southern border.
  • DeSantis criticized both parties for failing to solve the border crisis and vowed to declare a national emergency on day one of his presidency to stop the invasion once and for all. His proposal calls for the detention of undocumented people until their hearing date and the deportation of criminal aliens and people who overstay their visas."

DeSantis unveils an aggressive immigration and border security policy that largely mirrors Trump’s

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