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David Koch Anti Trump

David Koch Anti Trump

Have you ever heard of the Koch brothers?  They are/were the conservative version of George Soros.  Sure folks have heard of George Soros.  Well, David Koch died back in 2019, R.I.P.

The Democrats I ran across when asked about George Soros would draw the Koch brothers like a gun in defence.

So, just like 2016, it is not only the Democrats that are campaigning against Donald Trump.

  • "The Koch network, led by billionaire Charles Koch, has raised over $70 million to spend on political races and is aiming to prevent former President Donald Trump from clinching the 2024 Republican nomination.
  • The influential conservative group, which advocates for tax cuts and less government regulation, is entering the Republican presidential primaries for the first time in its history and views defeating Trump as a top priority.
  • The Koch network has not yet endorsed a candidate but is actively seeking alternatives to Trump, fearing that his divisive style and policies may lead to another loss to President Joe Biden."

Koch network raises more than $70 million, launches new anti-Trump ads in early voting states

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