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DeSantis Releases 'Homophobic' Ad

DeSantis Releases 'Homophobic' Ad

So, I'm late on this one.  It seems like some conservative LGTBQ folks aren't too happy about a video they saw from the Ron DeSantis camp that is an anti-Trump campaign ad.

  • "A video shared by Ron DeSantis' presidential campaign criticizes Donald Trump's past support of gay and transgender people, drawing criticism from LGBT conservatives who view it as homophobic.
  • The video features footage of Trump pledging to protect LGBTQ+ citizens and highlights his statements regarding Caitlyn Jenner and transgender women.
  • LGBT conservatives, including the Log Cabin Republicans, criticized the video, stating that DeSantis' extreme rhetoric has ventured into homophobic territory and will alienate swing-state and younger voters."

An anti-Trump video shared by the DeSantis campaign is 'homophobic,' says a conservative LGBT group

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