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Don't Go Excluding Books on Racism, LGBTQ in School

Don't Go Excluding Books on Racism, LGBTQ in School

A leading publisher of school books has backtracked its change in policy of the way it displays available books at school book fairs.  Seems that some states are tired of having to teach their children to hate.

I mean, for me, I learned about racism and such right there in the news in the 60's and 70's growing up.  I learned then not to judge folk by anything but how they your experience with them went.  Most all of my friends felt the same.  Maybe its because it seemed like the country gravitated away from the hate by the mid seventies.

But, thanks to our first african-american President, suddenly in the twenty-first century, we need to teach all about racism and hate all over again.  That won't make it a thing will it?

Surely not!

  • Scholastic has reversed its decision to allow school districts to opt out of offering diverse books at elementary school book fairs, including those discussing subjects like racism and LGBTQ issues.
  • The company had faced backlash for offering a separate collection of diverse books, which caused confusion and feelings of exclusion among readers.
  • Scholastic plans to find a better way to combat efforts to ban books and vows to keep in mind the needs of educators and the children they serve.

Scholastic reverses decision to make books on race and LGBTQ issues optional at elementary school book fairs

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