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Terrorist Admits Hamas Using Hospitals as Human Shields

Terrorist Admits Hamas Using Hospitals as Human Shields

As usual, the media is up in arms over the IDF bombing a hospital.  Nobody talks about how long beforehand Israel will warn of impending doom.  Nobody talks about how Hamas will not let people leave when warned.

And when you tell folks that Hamas uses civilians as human shields, you get the usual 'conspiracy theory' response that the left loves to toss at the right several times a day, like a mantra almost.

They're wrong.  Here's proof:

"Member of Hamas's elite Nukhba force says terror group using medical institutions, especially Gaza City's Shifa Hospital, because 'you won’t strike them'

"He explains that Hamas is taking advantage of the fact that Israel won’t strike hospitals to smuggle “explosives, weapons, food, medical equipment” for their operatives. “I told you, Shifa is a safe place, it will not be struck. To them it is safe, that’s what we know.”"

Detained terrorists admit Hamas using hospitals to shield themselves

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