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Election News from Arizona

Election News from Arizona

I live in Arizona and I suppose the elephant in the room politically in this state is election integrity since we were one of 'those' states of the 2020 Presidential Election.

You'd have to live here to witness the nuances of the Governor's race.  The Democratic candidate is the Secretary of State who, of course, being a Democrat, fought tooth and nail against what they're now calling the 'fraudit'; is now running for Governor.

The race is close. Katie Hobbs ran fear ads about people being near her home carrying guns during said "fraudit".  So of course if folks chose to volunteer their time to watch ballot drop boxes and happen to have a firearm on them, is an intimidation.

Damn domestic terrorist gun nut conspiracy theorist deplorables. That's what we are.  I guess the Democratic party is forgetting how long Arizonans have had a tradition of carrying firearms evidenced by the tenor of our firearms laws here in Arizona.  The state pistol in the Colt's Peacemaker for heaven's sake.  I'm just going to say, Katie Hobbs, go back to wherever you came from; your same place, where guns and debates don't exist.

Oops, here's the article that made me write this.  Hmm, this article doesn't show any one being threatening at all, no surprises here:

Lawsuit filed in Arizona to stop vigilante surveillance of drop boxes


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