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Serial Number Removal OK?

Serial Number Removal OK?

 Here's something that may have slipped by the main stream media's radar.  And no wonder as to why.  It has been fairly taboo to own a firearm that doesn't have a serial number, especially if it is obvious it was removed.

Granted, this is just a decision by some random Federal Court in West Virginia, but it does reference a SCOTUS decision made around June of this year in regards to New York's 'shall issue' type of permitting, basically banning tghe right to bear arms.  So, I honestly think it is a stretch to say go ahead and file off all your serial numbers, lol.

As usual, any link you find for that SCOTUS decision is full of the usual anti-second amendment crap.

Ban on guns with serial numbers removed is unconstitutional -U.S. judge

Here's an article discussing the further legal ramnifications:

Is Requiring Serial Numbers on Firearms Unconstitutional?

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