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Elon Musk to Advertisers: Go Fuck Yourself

Elon Musk to Advertisers: Go Fuck Yourself

Elon Musk.  Gotta hand it to him.  I've kind of liked the guy since before conservatives as a whole started to.  I mean, a guy who wants to get us off this rock instead of fighting over the remains has to be admired.

I'm not saying the world is ending tomorrow, but, the answer is not in the current Climate Change cult's agenda.

Now he goes all "Bobby Axelrod" on the world with his decision to stand up for what he believes in, regardless of what it may cost him.


"Billionaire Elon Musk told advertisers that have fled his social media platform X over antisemitic content to "Go fuck yourself" in a fiery Wednesday interview.

His profanity-laced remarks followed a moment of contrition in a New York Times DealBook Summit interview. Musk said repeatedly he was sorry for publishing a tweet on Nov. 15 that agreed with an anti-Jewish post."

Elon Musk curses out advertisers who left X over antisemitic content

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