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Pushing Meat to Enviros

Pushing Meat to Enviros

I started calling the 'Climate Change' cult, environazis a long time ago.  I mean, even Europe knows enough to put nuclear in the zero-carbon plan.  Toyota knows that all electric battery operated vehicles are not the answer.

What I am getting at is there are just some things that do not add up in this 'climate aware' cult that we're being served, especially here in the States.

But the most ridiculous thing to say is that this planet was not designed to absorb cow farts?  Let's see if these folk can market meat to the enviro crowd.

  • Meat companies and lobby groups are planning to make a pro-meat statement at the Cop28 climate conference, aiming to influence policymakers.
  • The meat industry intends to communicate its story effectively at the Dubai conference.
  • Dairy and meat companies face pressure due to their large greenhouse gas footprints, with the dairy industry responsible for 3.4% of global emissions.

Plans to present meat as ‘sustainable nutrition’ at Cop28 revealed

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