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Elon Musk to Visit Israel

Elon Musk to Visit Israel

Elon Musk is set to visit Israel this week.  This article publishes on Thursday, created the Sunday before.  Elon Musk as we know is the new owner of 'X' (formerly Twitter) during the process made many controversial moves.

One of those 'controversial' moves has been to honor free speech a bit more than the former owner of Twitter did; who oddly sold it after the gig was in for teh 2020 (s)Election.  Unfortunately, that includes some anti-semetic remarks that has created a stir for Mr. Musk.  So, he's to visit Israel, seems like it happened on Monday.
  • Elon Musk is expected to visit Israel next week and will visit towns near the Gaza border that were attacked by Hamas on October 7.
  • During his visit, Musk will meet with President Isaac Herzog and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.
  • Musk has faced criticism for failures to combat antisemitism on his platform, sharing content from antisemitic accounts, and attacking watchdogs who criticize his handling of hate speech.

Elon Musk expected to visit Israel next week - report

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