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Obama Advisor Accused of Hate Crime

Obama Advisor Accused of Hate Crime

Odd. Remember when racism was almost a rare thing before Obama got into the white house? Remember when if one disagreed with any, single, one, of then President Obama's policies, it was supposedly because of race?

Remember Obama said he had no 'scandals' during his administration.  I guess if you have the media play them down, then the scandal never existed, did it.  I mean, if you, as President of the United States of America have all of your Executive branches like the DOJ or IRS et. al. whose members all serve at the pleasure of said President; well, we now know very well how that works out.  No conspiracy, right before our eyes.

Now, on the flip side, I guess this guy was saying 4,00 dead Palestinians wasn't enough.

  • Stuart Seldowitz, a former Obama administration adviser, was granted supervised release after being arrested on hate crime charges for harassing a halal cart vendor in Manhattan.
  • Seldowitz was charged with stalking and aggravated harassment as hate crimes, both considered misdemeanors.
  • A Temporary Order of Protection was granted to the victims, and the NYPD opened a hate crime investigation.

Former Obama adviser pleads not guilty to hate crime, stalking charges

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