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Free Concert for UNC Fraternity Boys

Free Concert for UNC Fraternity Boys

John Rich of Big and Rich has offered to throw a major "rager" party for some University of North Carolina boys for their action(s) during one of those Pro terrorist protests on college campuses these days.

So let's back up.  We have heard about all these protests, hell they've even done a tiny one here in Arizona.  And they burn American and Israeli flags and show off the "Palestinian" flag.  Which is absurd as there is not a individual country called Palestine.  Never was.  Ever.  The Romans changed the name from Judea and Samaria in A.D. 130 to a province of Syria, Syria Philistina.

Some boys at the UNC decided no.  Not going to happen here.

That's some of the original content.  Here's some more of the story:

"The members of UNC’s Pi Kappa Phi fraternity protected the U.S. flag after it was replaced by the Palestinian flag by protesters and intervened when the protesters were “preparing to destroy it,” according to Guillermo Estrada, one of the students who helped protect the flag.

"Estrada posted on X that while he is not fully educated on the conflict between Israel and Hamas, he was “immediately upset” that the Palestinian protesters had disrespected his country’s flag “in order to advocate for another.” As such, he and a fellow fraternity brother, along with several other men, prevented the flag from falling on the ground and did so for an hour despite the protesters throwing rocks, sticks, and other items at them."

Fundraiser aims to throw ‘rager’ for UNC fraternity boys who protected US flag

And here is John Rich's offer:

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