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Interviews With Terrorist Supporters

Interviews With Terrorist Supporters

All those college protests over Israel protecting itself.  These kids have no clue.  Just wait until you watch this video to see.  I think the guys are just there for the girls, or the girls for the guys, or just so they can all hook up?

Because none if it makes sense.  Except there was someone who answered the question about the what the ever popular slogan, "From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free!" means and one student said, isn't that self evident?  Because it means a free Palestine.  Without a Nation of Israel, nor a Jew.  Look up the Hamas charter.

Watch @ 5:30 to see someone who does know whats up.

What you are not seeing is how much of their parents' money they give to these campus 'charities' that are actually fronts to raise funds for Hamas, like say the Students for Justice in Palestine.

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