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The Guns Left in Afghanistan

The Guns Left in Afghanistan

This is a letter to every single politician who favors any form of gun control at all.  I am of the opinion that all gun control laws are repugnant to the Constitution. Marbury v. Madison 5 U.S. (1 Cr.) 137 (1803)

Dear Anti-Second Amendment Politician.  We have heard many of you proclaim that there is a 'gun problem' here in the United States.  You always talk about 'common sense' gun laws.  You rail on and on about universal background checks.  You want Red Flag laws.  You believe that semi-automatic firearms should be banned, mislabeling them as 'assault weapons'.  You banned the most popular semi-automatic rifle in the United States from 1994 to 2004.  You have gone as far as labeling gun owners 'domestic terrorists'.  You have threatened law abiding gun owners who rallied together in protest with arrest as 'domestic terrorists'.  You have said "Hell yeah we're coming for your AR-15's!"

Take a look at this:

Those are Taliban fighters, known International Terrorists.  They are fully equipped with weapons, ammo, and uniforms that used to belong to the United States of America.  Most of those rifles are U.S. made fully automatic M4/M16 assault rifles.  Real assault rifles.  Rifles that you will not allow any citizen of the United States to keep and bear (we'll not cover pre-1986 here and now).  In the United States, if someone had an argument forty years ago with a girlfriend and the police became involved, that person is very likely not allowed to own ANY firearm whatsoever thanks to you.  Yet the men in the above picture may abuse and even kill their wives freely without any recourse according to their religion.  The religion that is the foundation for their government.

Those assault rifles above? Those assault rifles that your own citizens are not allowed to own?  You gave them freely without charge to the men in that picture.  Freely without any restriction.  Freely without a 'universal background check' in a country that will never have one.  Freely to men whose reputation for violence has been proven to be much more than the occasional school shooting; over and over again.  Freely to men in a country that will never have 'Red Flag' laws.  Freely to men in a country whose only gun control law would probably be a total ban except for those men.  Freely to men who they and their fathers either helped and/or allowed men to train in their country to murder over three thousand innocent American citizens twenty years ago.  To add insult to injury, you have freely given them millions of rounds of ammunition for those free assault rifles.

You are a disgrace and not worth the money you make, the respect you get and the air you breathe!

So, I say this in closing. If you want to come and take my firearms, this public servant echos my sentiments:

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