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That pesky Supreme Court not obeying the President

That pesky Supreme Court not obeying the President

We know the Democrats act like they wish the constitution did not exist.  It seems as thought the President isn't happy with the Supreme Court's recent decision on abortion.

President Biden has decided to launch a "whole of government effort" in response to the Supreme Court's decision to let Texas' recent abortion law stand.  This is that 'thing' that the Democratic party feared would happen, that their much worshipped religion of Roe v. Wade would get overturned.  This got me to thinking about the abortion question, and I started to write a bunch about it, but I'll save those thoughts for later.  Here's some articles about this issue:

Texas law banning abortion as early as six weeks goes into effect as the U.S. Supreme Court takes no action

Biden slams SCOTUS refusal to block Texas abortion law, vows to pursue legal remedies

Biden Enlists White House Counsel to Fight Texas Abortion Law

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