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Haitian Illegal Proves need for Border Wall

Haitian Illegal Proves need for Border Wall

I was watching the local news the other morning and this story came up.  It seems as though a Hatian man was caught attemtping to rape a woman in Phoenix.  Problem is, he doesn't belong in this country.

When first I saw this story, it was about a Haitian man who tried to attack a woman near a canal in Phoenix.  I swearf it said at the time he had already been arested and deported or scheduled for deportation in July of this year.  He was wearing a GPS ankle bracelet.  Two passerby's  ended up stopping the attack and holding him for the Police.  I watched the story on the Phoenix ABC affiliate, ABC15.  I cannot find any actual article on ABD15, only this clip on YouTube.  Nothing about his country of origin, nothing about previous encounters with any authorities.  Maybe I am getting senile(?) in my latter years.  I found it quite interesting though to read/hear the next day about the Hatians in Texas.

I did find this evening an article on the FOX10 Phoenix site, still no mention of his country of origin. So either I really am senile or there was a mistake in the original story.  I'll let you decide.  It does appear as though he was already wanted from an assault just the previous day.

Phoenix PD: Man arrested for sexually assaulting jogger near canal

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