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Hanoi Jane Calls for Pro-lifers to be Murdered

Hanoi Jane Calls for Pro-lifers to be Murdered

During the March 10, 2023 episode of The View, Jane Fonda was talking about abortion.  She said that no matter the law, etc., etc. and was applauded and asked for her expertise, since she is such an activist.

A real freedom fighter, remember, Hanoi Jane?

"Twitter users began criticizing Jane Fonda and The View following Monday’s school shooting at the private Christian Covenant School in Nashville, Tennessee. Jane Fonda spoke about murdering pro-life Christians during a March 10th appearance on the program, a remark that was quickly dismissed as a “joke” by show hosts. Fonda did not indicate that she was joking, however, and called for people to “fight” for leftist social policies."

Jane Fonda Called for Christian Politicians to be Murdered Weeks Before ‘Targeted’ Attack on Nashville Christian School

The whole 'panel' was asking her what to do beside protest and such?  Jane said, "Murder."  Applause.  'Oh they will probably really come after us for that one'. Excuse me, When the fuck have they stopped coming after us for any damn thing taken out of context?  I'm fucking sick of this shit.

Eighteen days later, a twenty-eight year old born as a female transgender walked into a Christian school in Nashville and shot three adults and three children before being killed her or itself.

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