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School Prayer Victory

School Prayer Victory

Did you hear about the man named Joe Kennedy of Washington state?  Not the Joe Kennedy patriarch of the political family.  No, this Joe was a coach in Washington state who lost his job because he paryed on the field.

From the Patriot Journal:

"I don’t have to tell you that Democrats nationwide have gone to war with our liberties. You probably encountered the thought police, woke liberals telling you what you can or can’t say. But it’s much worse than that. In colleges and schools, teachers and even students can’t even exercise their religious liberties.

"A man named Joe Kennedy was actually fired as head coach of a high school in Washington. His crime? Prayer on the school’s football field. Something past generations of Americans wouldn’t have thought twice about is now a crime to the woke left. Kennedy took his case to the highest authorities in the land–and won. Now, he is receiving a major boost."

From the Western Journal:

"The Bremerton, Washington, school board just got a reason to respect the First Amendment.

"Two million reasons, actually. That’s the dollar amount of a settlement with Joe Kennedy, the high school coach who lost his job seven years ago for praying on the football field. Kennedy sued and won — all the way up to the level of the U.S. Supreme Court.

"Not only is there a nearly $2 million dollar settlement approved March 6 by the school board, but the court in October 2022, ordered the school district to give him his job back by this month.

"And the district has agreed to pay Kennedy’s legal fees of $1.77 million.

"Kennedy wins it all — the settlement, the legal fees, his job, and — most importantly — the ability to resume praying on the football field."


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