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Hillary Compares President Trump to Hitler

Hillary Compares President Trump to Hitler

Again.  My God, when will this hag quit?  She has turned the Democratic party into a militant adversary of the Republicans.  'Hey, it's just politics' is a thing of the past.  These days we see the sure and steady takeover.

When elections become selections, an obvious faux.

But the weaponizing of the party system falls on Hillary Clinton when she coined the 'deplorable' to blanket all folks who supported President Donald Trump.  I mean, we did already get painted with being a 'racist' if you ever did not like a single policy item of former President Obama.  So not to get too sidelined, here comes Hillary to try to get her nose in the trough once again.

  • Hillary Clinton warns that a second term for Donald Trump as president in 2024 would be disastrous for the country, comparing his actions to those of Adolf Hitler. She expresses concern about Trump's authoritarian tendencies and his potential to undermine democratic institutions.
  • Supporters of Trump criticize Clinton's remarks, claiming that they actually reflect the actions of the Democratic Party, including instances of anti-Semitism. They argue that Clinton's comparison is unfounded and that Democrats are the ones undermining democratic values.
  • Clinton highlights Trump's divisive behavior during his presidency, stating that her concerns about him "making up facts" and attacking opponents were confirmed throughout his tenure. She warns about the dangers of a leader who discredits the free press and tries to eliminate opposition.

"Free Press"?  All the press is so consolidated it is easily bought and paid for by the highest bidder.

Hilary Clinton likens Trump to Hitler and warns he would end democracy

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