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Hobbs Breaks Veto Streak

Hobbs Breaks Veto Streak

Cartel Katie Hobs breaks her veto streak.  OK, that's not totally true, I'm sure she's passed something else. That we couldn't care less for.  It is interesting to note what is really going on with this bill she signed into law.

Of course it is couched in all the 'we just care about you about so let the .gov take care of you' bullshit.  It took a group of 200 women at the Arizona State Capitol to, check it out, "take the Capitol by storm" to get this law passed.  The group calls itself, "Mad Moms".

Wow, last time someone said someone was "taking the Capitol by storm" it was soon called "The Insurrection".

"PHOENIX — A new law is giving a group of 'mad moms' a reason to smile.

"I'm pretty excited about it," Rachel Streiff said. "There hasn't been this emphasis and focus on serious mental illness in Arizona before. "

Streiff is an organizer with the grassroots group Arizona Mad Moms.  The group has taken the state Capitol by storm this session, demanding changes in the system of care that’s supposed to help people with serious mental illnesses, or SMIs."

But here's the punch line:

"In part, it requires care facilities and courts to involve families and guardians in their loved one’s care and gives them more power to intervene if treatment isn’t working."

Gov. Hobbs signs 'Mad Moms' mental health bill into law

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