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Arizona Rancher's Murder Trial

Arizona Rancher's Murder Trial

 Remember Robert Krentz?  He was an Arizona rancher who during the Obama Presidency was shot and killed on his ranch in Arizona in 2010.  The tracks led right back across the border, killer never caught.

And he was actually trying to help the illegals who crossed his property.

Now we have George Kelly who has had many problems on his border ranch in Arizona with illegal aliens.  As you can read below, he had been seeing lots of armed folks crossing his land.  One day he tried to scare some off by firing in the air above their heads.  One later turned up dead so he was charged, even though there was not even a bullet wound?  But this again is a very illegal alien friendly President, so of course they throw the book at him anyways.  How dare you protect yourself!  He was finally acquitted via a hung jury I believe.

Read on:

"George Alan Kelly is charged with second-degree murder and two counts of aggravated assault for the shooting death of 48-year-old Gabriel Cuen-Buitimea, a migrant from Nogales, Mexico, on Jan. 30, 2023

"At his March 6th arraignment in Santa Cruz Superior Court, defense attorney Brenna Larkin said Kelly was protecting himself, his wife Wanda Kelly and his home by firing shots into the air above the migrants. Larkin said Kelly had seen people with rifles and backpacks passing through his Kino Springs property."

AZ v. George Kelly: Border Migrant Murder Trial

"PHOENIX (AP) — Jurors in the case of an Arizona rancher charged with fatally shooting a migrant on his property will be allowed to visit the ranch near the border with Mexico as early as this week as the trial enters its second half.

"Judge Thomas Fink of the Santa Cruz County Superior Court said last week he would allow the visit but has not set a day and time. Fink denied on Monday a request by news media to accompany jurors on the visit to 75-year-old George Alan Kelly’s ranch."

The trial of an Arizona border rancher charged with killing a migrant has reached the halfway point

"The murder trial of Arizona rancher George Kelly has taken an unexpected turn. Kelly is charged with the murder of a migrant on his property, but the case has been complicated by the absence of gunshot residue on the victim. This has led to a heated debate among the public, with many questioning the evidence against Kelly and the broader implications of the case."

Unexpected Turn in the Murder Trial of Arizona Border Rancher: A Heated Discussion

Original article:

"The court case of George Kelly, an Arizona rancher accused of shooting and killing a migrant passing through his property, zeroed in on the lack of gunshot residue found on the victim."

Murder trial of Arizona border rancher takes twist

The most recent is the Judge decided to hurry the case up saying it is taking too long.  Part of what he did was to limit the defense, yes the defense, to a time limit on cross.  Hmm, biased case maybe?

"Judge Thomas Fink abruptly left the courtroom because he thought the proceedings were being dragged out by both the prosecution and the defense. Video posted by Phoenix station KSAZ shows Fink exiting the bench as Kelly's attorney, Brenna Larkin, starts to speak. She asks the judge if he can hear her and then says, "Oh," when she realizes Fink is leaving.

""Clearly, we are behind schedule," Fink said. "This case is going to go to the jury next week. It's going to go to the jury next Thursday. And I'm gonna move this case so that happens."

"He then imposed a five-minute time limit for the defense, which objected on the grounds of constitutionality. In response to the objection, Fink reduced the time to four minutes, which led to additional objections."

Judge Suddenly Leaves Trial of Man Accused of Shooting Migrant

And now his trial has ended in a mistrial.

And finally, no new trial. Well at least?

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