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Hobbs To Appear in Court

Hobbs To Appear in Court

This news is a bit old, but what the heck.  Part of the reason I do this is to save for myself these tidbits of 'what is happening'.  Arizona's selected governor has been on a roll since she was sworn in.

"PHOENIX -- Arizona Gov. Katie Hobbs has been ordered to appear in court Thursday in her efforts to halt pending executions.

Maricopa County Superior Court Judge Frank Moskowitz said late Friday that Hobbs and Ryan Thornell, the state's prison director, must show up to explain why the court shouldn't issue an order against them on the grounds they are violating the constitutional rights of victims entitled to prompt justice."

Article from ABC News below:

Arizona governor must appear in court on pause of executions

Here's an article about the man pictured above:

Who Is Aaron Gunches? Death Row Inmate Katie Hobbs Refuses to Execute

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