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Hobbs Vetoes Another One

Hobbs Vetoes Another One

Cartel Katie Hobbs, Arizona's selected governor has set new records for the amount of bills she has vetoed since taking office just over a year ago.  But it is odd to see what she vetoes and what she passes.

She was cheered for something to do with hair discrimination.  Here, it seems like she can't make up her mind.  On the one hand she says that the schools are doing a fine job of keeping kids off their cell phone at school, so no new laws needed.  We know how well the schools can control anything the students do these days, right?  On the other hand she gives more teeth to the DCS over children's lives, claiming that DCS wasn't doing good enough.

Flip flop, flip flop.

"PHOENIX — Arizona Gov. Katie Hobbs vetoed a bill this week that sought to limit cellphone use by students at public schools across the state.

"The proposed cellphone ban would have required district and charter schools to adopt policies that limit wireless device use to educational purposes or for emergencies.

"House Bill 2793 also would have limited access to social media sites on school-provided internet.

“This legislation establishes an unnecessary mandate for an issue schools are already addressing,” Hobbs, a Democrat, said in her veto letter."

Arizona Gov. Katie Hobbs vetoes school cellphone ban, says it’s unnecessary

Of course she passed a bill giving the state more control over children

"PHOENIX (AZFamily) — A new bill designed to hold the Arizona Department of Child Safety accountable when vulnerable children go missing from foster care was signed into law this week by Gov. Katie Hobbs.

"Last year’s bill put federal and state mandates and DCS policies into a specific law, requiring prompt notifications to law enforcement, family, and local media when a foster child goes missing. But advocates said DCS was not complying, which is why they said an additional law with teeth was needed."

Gov. Hobbs signs DCS accountability bill, adding new requirements when foster children go missing

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