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I've Thought About These Real Term Limits

I've Thought About These Real Term Limits

Term limits.  My state, Arizona has term limits.  One cannot hold their office for more than two terms; period.  You can be a representative for two term, then a senator for two terms, then move on to something else.

Because you sure as hell are not going to make a career out of being in office. Thank God considering ourprepubescent Governor.   I have long felt that looking at past events, that federal workers, especially supervisors in the executive agencies and on up, should only be able to 'serve' the government for a maximum of twelve years.  But one could still run for President and serve the constitutionally allowed two terms.  But that's it folks.

I'm going out on a tangent here only based upon my personal experiences without any tangible proof to offer.  The problem between the Biundy's and the BLM and such inBunkerville, NV in 2014 was as much a pissing match between Cliven Bundy and the super of that BLM (etc.) district as it was about unpaid piddly ass fees.  Same with the US Fish and Wildlife and the Hammonds in Harney county Oregon in 2016.

"At the end of his term, Trump approved an executive order that created a new classification of federal workers, so that managers in “confidential, policy-determining, policy-making, or policy-advocating positions” would be in a new Schedule F, according to CNN. These workers would no longer be protected from dismissal as are most federal civil service workers.

"Biden undid that order after taking office and now has proposed a rule that his administration hopes would make it harder to reclassify workers."

Biden Hatches Plan to Keep Swamp in Place, Thwart Potential Trump Re-Election Purge

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