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Jill Biden: Stop Picking on My Men

Jill Biden: Stop Picking on My Men

 Since Joe is such a pathetic frail old man who has absolutely lost sight of reality and the son who is absolutely beyond a shadow of a doubt in bad trouble with himself mostly; Jill Biden to the rescue!

First she has to come to Hunter's rescue because he has no room to say a damn thing as he is obviously guilty.  And of course, like Cato the Elder before the Roman senate kept repeating at the end of every speech, "Carthago delenda est"*, Jill tosses in her version, "Trumpus delenda est" with the usual Jan 6 reference.

  • The First Lady expressed concern over Republicans' treatment of Hunter Biden, mentioning his struggles with addiction and the impact on their family.
  • Hunter Biden is facing federal charges and appeared in court in California.
  • The  First Lady criticized Trump for characterizing jailed January 6th rioters as "hostages" and emphasized the importance of winning for democracy.

Jill Biden Blasts GOP For Treatment of Her Son: 'What They Are Doing to Hunter Is Cruel'

Then in another tirade she actually acknowledges the fact that her husband is not fit to be President, ignoring all the facts and videos showing her husband losing his way, not knowing which way the mike is, and mumbling incoherently.

  • First lady Jill Biden defends President Joe Biden's age, calling it an "asset" and emphasizing his wisdom and experience.
  • The White  House defends Biden's stamina and argues that his age is not the primary focus, emphasizing his experience and knowledge of world leaders.

Jill Biden says Joe Biden's age an "asset"

*"Carthage must be destroyed"

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