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Military's Response to Biden Vaccine Mandate

Military's Response to Biden Vaccine Mandate

And so it begins.  Or so we would hope.  Last week, President Biden decided to pass by Executive order the nationwide vaccine mandate.  I believe he had already mandated it for the military.

Now it looks like a two Staff Sargents have filed a class action lawsuit against the Department of Defense, Department of Health and Human Services, and the Food and Drug Administration.  Not sure about this article, but they did have the actual filing(?).  While getting a couple more things gathered for this article, I came across another where an Army Leutenant Coulenel resigned.  This is not going to turn out well.  In reading the portions of the resignation letter from the second article, that officer did exactly what the military wants: get rid of any dissidents.  Let that sink in folks.

Links to the two articles and then the actual filing::

Staff Sergeants File Class Action Suit Against COVID Mandate

Army officer resigns over Biden vaccine mandate, 'Marxist takeover of the military'

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